TKTX by Tattoonumb

TKTX by Tattoonumb


"TKTX by Tattoonumb" is the most popular numbing cream used before tattoo session or laser removal and the best solution for it. It is the strongest numbing cream in industry, the effect lasts for 5 hours. There is no skin edema during session. TKTX does not affect the healing process of the tattoo (with proper use and quality care). 

"TKTX by Tattoonumb" is used in 45-60 minutes before starting tattooing. Tube size 10g and that's enough to use the cream on the skin area 20 X 30cm 

39% TKTX – 5 hours 

Active Ingridient: Anestoderm (special mix of different anesthetics - contains lidocaine, prilocaine, epinephrine) 

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