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A Body of Work

The History of Wicked


Wicked is a versatile Tattoo artist who enjoys and is competent in many styles. From realism, black and grey to neotraditional, tribal and Japanese. Art is not just something Wicked simply does, but rather, who he is and how he lives. It’s a love and a passion. When not tattooing, you will probably find him painting.

I am a Tattoo Artist as well as a portrait, wildlife, fantasy and mural artist.  Tattooing was a natural evolution of my life as an artist.  I have loved tattoos since I was a child.  My favourite rock-stars all had tattoos, I was fascinated with motorcycles, especially Harley's and all the coolest bikers had them as well.  I also feel there is no sexier jewelry on a person than a tattoo, or for that matter many of them.  

I began drawing as soon as I could hold a pencil, my early inspirations were many of the comic book characters and still are today. My career in art began in High School when my teachers, realizing my potential helped to get me a position with the School Board illustrating for language instruction programs.

In my early 20's I was fortunate to meet Dennis O'Neil then Editor for DC comics who impressed by my early work mailed me a trial script for a Batman. At the time I was also fortunate to have had made the acquaintances of both Geof Isherwood Marvel artist of Conan and Gabriel Morrisette Marvel and DC artist and illustrator of Spiderman 2099. Both of these fine gentlemen gave me a great deal of guidance and assistance in becoming a better comic book artist. 

I then went on to draw promotional posters for local rock bands. This lead to working for a printing company designing for silk-screen printing of fantasy, rock and biker type T-shirts, flags and the like. My reputation grew as one of Montreal's better known silk-screen artists, so I then decided open my own art studio contracting to five printing companies including the one I left.

I spent five months working as a background painter on the movie Shadow of the Wolf with Lou Diamond Philips and Jennifer Tilly and then shifted my focus towards portrait art.

In 1991 I was accepted as then one of the youngest members of The Arts Club of Montreal, a prestigious organization for artists in Montreal since 1912. I am also a member of the American Society of Portrait Artists.
My work was discovered by a prominent member of a native community. This person helped in financing the production of prints of my paintings. Numerous commissions including portraits and wall murals followed. One of my paintings gained me a lot of publicity as it also appeared in a movie.

Over the next two years I completed over two hundred paintings.  I am fortunate to have been recognized and received awards for my work and a number of my paintings have appeared in a variety of news papers.  

I would consider myself largely self taught, dissecting everything that the Great Masters did as well as my favourite artists and the great teacher, "trial and error." However, I have studied at private art Schools, the Montreal Museum of Fine Art and at Concordia University in Fine Arts and to be an art teacher and have taught in High Schools and private art colleges in Montreal and on occasion have taken on private students. 

Since then I have been commissioned to paint CD covers, murals for Universities and libraries, many portraits and have designed many tattoo's. I am currently preparing a series of paintings to show as well as running my Custom Tattoo Shop Wicked Tattoos.

I have been asked many times who my greatest influences or idols are.  I guess it depends on whether its painting or tattooing.  As a painter it would have to definetly be Rembrant and Caravagio as far as the Great Masters.  More modern would be  Frank Frazetta, Boris, Jeff Jones, H.R. Giger to name a few.


With tattooing I would say Freddy Negrete, Bob Tyrrell, Jack Rudy, Paul Booth and of course Ed Hardy to name only a few. However, I am inspired every day by so many incredible younger artists out there who are so amazing.


Wicked is also an accomplished musician and Martial Artist.  He currently plays Bass for Canadian rock band Pretty Electric.

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Wicked being presented with an award for the Fraser Hickson Library Project

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