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Wicked Tattoos Montreal Terms and Conditions

Wicked Tattoos Montreal reserves the right to refuse to do any tattoo which is offensive, racist, or does not fit within what I feel is my artistic integrity or style.

Wicked Tattoos Montreal will not tattoo genitals or eyes. 

Wicked Tattoos Montreal will not tattoo UV/Ultraviolet ink Tattoos

Wicked Tattoos will not tattoo the face of a person who has no facial tattoos previously or does not have a significant amount of body tattoos which shows an awareness of this way of life.

Wicked Tattoos Montreal will only use materials from our own suppliers exclusively.  This includes all inks, needles, creams, etc.  Wicked Tattoos Montreal acquires all its material from reputable sources only. You may not bring with you any of these items into our studio from outside sources under any circumstance.


Wicked Tattoos Montreal will not tattoo someone who is intoxicated, either by alcohol or  drugs (including marijuana).  Even if it is suspected this person is.


Wicked Tattoos Montreal will not tattoo someone who appears to be pressured into getting a tattoo.  

Wicked Tattoos will under no circumstance tolerate a 3rd party individual either spouse or friend attempting to influence, interfere or micromanage any part of a tattoo session.  They will promptly be asked to leave.

Wicked Tattoos Montreal will not tattoo someone under the age of 18 under any circumstance.  Not even with written and or verbal permission of a parent or guardian. Two government issued photo ID’s must be provided.

After Care of Tattoo

Regardless of what you have been told before by whomever, whether it be by another tattoo artist or friend.  You must agree to follow strict instructions of tattoo aftercare as prescribed by Wicked Tattoos Montreal.


Before beginning the design stage of your Tattoo with Wicked Tattoos Montreal You Must Have:

Paid the 50% deposit for your session.

Signed this form, the Terms and Conditions, acknowledging that you have read it.

Complete and signed the Medical Background Form.
Read, completed and signed the Waiver/Release Form.


Before beginning the Tattoo with Wicked Tattoos Montreal You Must Have:

Signed an approval of the art work design for the tattoo.


Deposits are under no circumstances refundable.  A deposit is to ensure the time and date are reserved for the session and for the time involved in preparation of artwork and studio.

Although Wicked Tattoos Montreal understands that life happens and emergencies may occur and for some reason you may not be able to make your appointment even under "Act of God."  Your deposit is still non refundable.  It is for this very reason that a deposit is asked for.  It is to ensure that loss of income will not result.  As someone else on the waiting list could have booked that time slot.

If you miss a session without notice, you will not be able to book another.

If for any reason you may need to reschedule an appointment you must give no less than 48 hours notice.  You have 30 days to reschedule your next appointment from that point for the next available time slot.  If you have not followed these conditions, then a new deposit will be asked for.  If you cancel this rescheduled session you will not be able to book another. 

The only condition upon which a deposit will be returned is if Wicked Tattoos Montreal is unable to do the tattoo, either by choice or circumstance.



It must be understood that under Copyright Law, that from the moment of creation the Copyright of the art solely belongs to the artist.  The artist owns this Copyright for the duration of their life and 70 years thereafter.  After the death of the artist the Copyright belongs the estate of the artist and their heirs.  

In regards to tattooing, when you commission an artist to design and tattoo you, the artist allows you to wear this art throughout your life.  However, the artist still retains the Copyright of the artwork.  You may not for the purpose of income display, Publish or Broadcast this art in any manner without written permission of the artist, under Copyright Law.

With that being said, Wicked Tattoos Montreal automatically provides to all its clients a signed permission form, for tattoo models and for use on social media to anyone wishing to display photographs of said tattoos with the understanding that the art must be acknowledged and credited to its source, the artist.  


Absolutely No Items are up for Debate

This form and others are emailed to you


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