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The Studio

The Studio would be the envy of almost any Tattoo artist 

The studio is equipped with the most modern equipment, machinery and specialized tattooing furniture.  The best Tattoo machines made. The highest quality inks, needles, numbing cream, tattooing ointment and supplies as well as the most advanced and up to date sanitary supplies, disinfectants and a programmable high pressure autoclave.  It also has everything from computers, colour and thermal stencil printers.   

The Studio is decorated with an amazing collection of Tattoo Art and Flash as well as a museum of the strange, creepy and unusual.  Skulls, bones, taxidermy, artifacts and treasures from all over the World.  For the nostalgic there is definitely  a sense of  "Old School" including a tattoo/barber chair from the 1930s.  

Relax in total comfort

While having the Tattoo of your dreams done you can relax and watch Netflix or Youtube or whatever you wish on the Widescreen TV, or enjoy the selection of Tattoo magazines and books.

To admire you new tattoo there are numerous full length mirrors in the studio including a 7 foot by 7 foot wall mirror.


Wicked Tattoos is equipped with all the latest, Tattoo and sanitary equipment and uses 100% disposable needles and tips and coverings. Everything is sanitized before and after a client.


Certified and Educated in Bloodborne Pathogens.

Wicked Uses The Following Products:

Hard Life Rotaries

Eternal Ink

Electric Ink

Dynamic Ink

Nocturnal Ink

Spirit Stencil Products

Cheyenne Cartridges

T-Tech Cartridges


Ink Eeze


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